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Before you move

Voor u trek

Get your paperwork in order

Kry u papierwerk in orde

Ask questions

Vra vrae

What travel options are available from Heathrow?

Watter vervoer opsies is van Heathrow af beskikbaar?

Accommodation Basics


National Health Service (NHS)

Nationale Gesondeids Diens (NHS)





Before You Move

Decide why you want to move and for how long.

  • Unless you are rich or highly qualified you will probably have to start at the bottom and work yourself up. Be prepared to do any work in the beginning. Be prepared to stay in a smaller house and a lot closer to your neighbours !! Don’t be put off by this, you soon get used to it.

  • Forget about the Rand, from now on everything will cost Pounds.You can’t compare prices, but the Pound does go far.

  • Get a x-ray done to trace TB (this may avoid you having a lengthy medical check at Heathrow).

  • Set up either a Hotmail or Yahoo email account so that you can keep in contact with friends and family where ever you are in the world (Internet Cafes are plentiful in the UK with reasonable prices).

  • Keep a record of telephone numbers; postal/email addresses and special dates to remember of people with whom you would like to keep in contact with.

  • If you have kids, involve them with the move, let them take part in the planning and give them something to look forward to. We had brochures send to us from the UK, and planned our first trip to a museum on the first Saturday we were here. It kept the kids busy and they had something to look forward to.

  • Post yourself a parcel made up of your favourite SA sweets, biscuits ext before you leave SA. You will receive your SA goodies just when you start to get homesick.

  • Join us at the forums, start chatting and make friends before your move.

Voor u vertrek


Besluit waarom u wil verhuis en vir hoe lank.  

  • Tensy jy welaf of hoogs gekwalifiseerd is sal jy waarskynlik onder moet begin en jouself moet opwerk. Jy moet bereid wees om enige werk te doen, veral wanneer jy hier aankom. Berei jouself voor om in 'n kleiner huis te woon en baie nader aan jou buurman as in SA. Jy raak gou gewoond daaraan.

  • Vergeet van Rande, van nou af gaan alles in Ponde werk. Jy kan nie Ponde en Rande vergelyk nie, maar die Pond gaan baie vêr.

  • Laat neem X-Strale by u dokter vir TB en sit dit in u handbagasie. Dit kan u dalk baie tyd bespaar wanneer u hier land.

  • Kry 'n e-pos adres by Hotmail of Yahoo sodat u kontak kan behou met vriende en familie. Daar is baie internet kafees in die VK.

  • Hou rekord van telefoon nommers, adresse en belangrike datums van al u vriende en familie.

  • Indien u kinders het, betrek hulle by die geleentheid. Laat hulle deel in die beplanning en gee hulle iets om na uit te sien. Ons het brosjures aangevra vanaf die toeriste organisasie in ons nuwe dorp, hulle het dit vir ons aangestuur en ons het 'n besoek aan een van die museums in ons nuwe dorp ingesluit in ons beplanning. Die kinders het iets gehad om te deel met hulle vriende en het later foto's terug getuur na hulle ou skool toe.

  • Pos vir jouself 'n pakkie na jou nuwe adres toe. Vul dit met jou gunsteling SA lekkernye, jy sal die pakkie ontvang net sodra jy begin huistoe verlang.

  • Sluit aan by ons gesels forums. Gesels en maak vriende nog voordat jy hier land.




Get your paperwork in order

  • Get your visa. I would suggest you do it yourself. It will take a bit of time, and some phone calls, but it is not as difficult as it may seem. You can use agencies, but they cost money and you want to save as much as you can.

  • If you feel you want to use an ahave an agency we can advise on this.

Kry die papierwerk reg

  • Maak seker jy het die regte visa. Jy kan dit self doen, dit mag 'n bietjie langer neem maar u gaan geld spaar. U kan wel gebruik maak van agentskappe maar hulle is gewoonlik duur en onthou jy wil geld spaar waar jy kan voordat u vertrek.

  • Indien u wel van 'n Visa agentskap wil gebruik maak vra ons gerus, ons sal u in die regte rigting wys.



Ask Questions

  • By using Our Forum you will get a lot of answers from people that has gone through the move.

Vra Vrae

  • Gebruik gerus ons forums en gesels met ons wat klaar deur die verhuising gegaan het.




What travel options are available from Heathrow?

  • Try and get a friend to meet you at the airport, as it can be extremely overwhelming if you haven’t been to the UK before.

  • Heathrow is very well sign posted. If in doubt follow the crowd through immigration (make sure you have your passport/visa on hand). You won’t be the only one arriving so be prepared to queue for a while.

  • The immigration officials will ask a lot of questions about your reason for visiting the UK. Don’t feel intimidated; keep calm and be honest. You may also be randomly picked for a medical check (that’s why it’s good to have one at home to save you the time and hassle on the other end).

  • One of the personnel from Sarie Marais Ltd will meet you at the airport if you request them to.

Watter vervoer is beskikbaar vanaf  Heathrow?

  • Probeer 'n vriend of familie lid kry om jou op die lughawe te ontmoet. Die lughawe kan nogal oorweldigend wees die eerste keer dat jy daar aankom.

  • Heathrow is vol aanwysingsborde. Indien jy nie seker is nie volg net die ander passasiers.

  • Die Immigrasiebeamptes mag dalk 'n klomp vrae vra. Moet nie geïntimideerd voel nie, bly kalm en eerlik. Hulle doen net hulle werk en jy kan hulle werk makliker maak.

  • Jy mag dalk gestuur word vir 'n mediese ondersoek, hier is dit handig om die x - strale gereed te hê.

  • Indien jy verkies kan een van Sarie Marais Ltd se personeellede jou op die lughawe ontmoet.

There are a number of choices available with regards to transport from Heathrow.

  • The Tube (underground train)

    This runs right the way through London. Find out where your destination is and ask the underground officials which would be your best option. It’s normally cheaper to buy a one day travel card (+ - £5) which will allow you to travel to any destination (within the specific zones) for up to 12hrs. Alternatively you can buy a single ticket to your destination. Make sure you have a few Pounds on you, as traveller’s cheques will not be accepted. There is only one tube at Heathrow so jump on the first one that arrives.

  • Taxi

    Both black cabs and mini cabs (normal car running as a taxi service) are available. Although they are a lot less hassle, the can be pretty expensive (+ - £40 to Wimbledon). Make sure you have the correct physical address and even postal code for your destination.

  • Driving in the UK

    Allthough you are allowed to drive in the UK using your SA drivers license you will find it different. Sarie Marais Ltd is working in conjunction with the D.V.L.A to make your driving here easier and safer. Please contact us for more info.

Daar is ander vervoer beskikbaar vanaf Heathrow.

  • Moltrein ( Ondergrondse Trein )

    Die moltrein ry kruis en dwars oor Londen. Dit is beter om 'n dag kaartjie te koop ( +- £5 ) waarmee jy na enige plek ( binne zones ) kan ry binne 'n 12 uur tydperk. Maak seker dat jy kontant aan jou het, dit is die enigste betaalwyse wat aanvaar word. Daar is net een moltrein by Heathrow so klim op die eerste een wat jy sien.

  • Huurmotor

    Die gewone  black cabs en mini cabs is beskikbaar. Alhoewel hulle makliker is om te gebruik kan dit duur wees, ( ongeveer £40 ) na Wimbledon. Maak seker dat jy 'n volledige adres het asook die poskode.

  • Bestuur in die VK.

    Alhoewel u toegelaat word om vir 'n tydperk u Suid Afrikaanse bestuurslesensie te gebruik verskil die manier van bestuur. Sarie Marais Ltd werk saam met die D.V.L.A. om u bestuur hier makliker en veiliger te maak. Kontak ons asb vir meer inligting hieroor.



Accomodation Basics

  • Almost impossible to get while still in SA. Decide where you want to stay and then read up about the area / town on the internet and by asking about it on our forums.

  • Make appointments with estate agents while still in SA to look at houses when you get to the UK.

Where should I stay?

  • It is wise to arrange to stay with friends or family for the first few days. Be prepared to contribute towards bills and don’t over stay your welcome.

  • There are plenty B&B’s and hotels throughout the UK. Price varies on location so choose one, which suits your pocket. Try and book your accommodation before you leave SA.

  • Hostels in London are also plentiful, (especially in Bayswater) for those who don’t mind roughing it for a few days. Although it’s cheap accommodation it is very basic and not very clean therefore not always the best option. Hostels out of London seem to be of a higher standard.


  • Dit is amper onmoontlik om 'n huis te huur terwyl u nog in Suid Afrika is. Besluit waar u sou verkies om te woon en gebruik die internet asook ons forums om meer van die dorp uit te vind.

  • Maak 'n afspraak met 'n eiendoms agent in u nuwe dorp om na eindom te gaan kyk terwyl u nog in Suid Afrika is.

Waar moet ek bly ?

  • Dit is raadsaam om met u aankoms by vriende of familie oor te bly vir die eerste paar dae. Wees voorbereid om allerdaagse kostes met hulle te deel. Maak egter seker dat hierdie net tydelik is en nie langer as 'n paar dae nie..

  • Daar is baie hotelle en B+B's beskikbaar. Bespreek u verblyf voordat u Suid Afrika verlaat.

  • Daar is ook die sogenaamde Hostels in London. Dit is goedkoop maar jy moet bereid wees om met die uiterste minimum klaar te kom. Ons beveel dit egter nie aan nie.



National Health Service

What is a National Insurance Number and will I need one?

  • A National Insurance (NI) number entitles you to free medical treatment in the National Health Service (NHS). NI contributions will automatically be deducted from your salary or weekly wage. You need to be working before you can apply for a NI card. This is an absolute necessity and is highly recommended to apply for one as soon as possible.

  • The use of a temporary NI number is feasible as long as you are planning to make an appointment with your local DSS office. This temporary number is for agency use only. A temporary number consists of your birth date – day; month; year – followed by either the letter M or F depending on your gender, (i.e. TN151073F).

When should I register with a doctor?

  • Register with a doctor as soon as possible in case of an emergency.

  • Need to find a NHS doctor, which has to be in your area of residence. You can obtain a list of local NHS doctors rooms from your local library or by contacting your local council (municipality).

  • Medical treatment is free therefore doctors are extremely over-burdened and not too many are willing to take on new patients. Don’t give up, try registering with as many doctors as possible, you should eventually be accepted. If you are not successful then ask when the surgery will start taking on new patients and register then.

  • Your first appointment will be with the nurse. He/she will go through your medical history; take down your personal details; take your blood pressure etc). Only once you’ve seen the nurse will you be able to book an appointment with the doctor.

  • Although medical treatment is free you are still required to pay for your prescriptions, but at a reduced price (+ - £6 per item).

  • In an emergency you can go to casualty at your local hospital. Be prepared to wait your turn, as they are normally extremely busy. Alternatively you can contact the emergency line for your personal doctors rooms. Visiting family members can be treated under your NI number in the case of an emergency.

Nasionale Gesondheids Diens


Wat is 'n National Insurance Number en het ek een nodig ?


  • 'n Nationale Assuransie nommer is amper soos 'n ID nommer. Met hierdie nommer kan jy gratis mediese behandeling ontvang deur die Nasionale Gesondheids diens. Jou bydrae sal direk van jou salaris afgetrek word. Dit is 'n vereiste om hierdie nommer te hê, doen dus aansoek daarvoor sodra jy begin werk.    

  • Jy mag van 'n tydelike nommer gebruik maak terwyl u wag op 'n afspraak by die DSS kantore. Die nommer is slegs geldig indien u vir 'n agentskap gaan werk. Die nommer word as volg saamgestel, Geboorte datum. Dag, Maand, jaar gevolg deur M of F afhangende van u geslag.   (Voorbeeld TN151073F)                         

Wanneer moet ek by 'n dokter registreer ?

  • Registreer so gou moontlik in geval van 'n noodgeval.         

  • Jy moet 'n dokter in jou buurt gebruik, jy kan 'n lys van dokters gratis by die naaste biblioteek of by die stadsraad ( Council ) kry.                                           

  • Mediese dienste is gratis en dokters is altyd besig, jy mag dalk vind dat die eerste een nie nuwe pasiente wil aanvaar nie, doen dan aansoek by 'n volgende.            

  • U eerste afspraak sal by die verpleegster wees. Hy / sy sal u mediese geskiedenis met u bespreek en u persoonlike besonderhede neem. Hierna sal u 'n afspraak kan maak om die dokter te sien.                

  • Alhoewel die mediese diens gratis is betaal u wel vir die voorskrif. Gewoontlik 'n verlaagde prys. ( +- £6 per item.)              

  • In 'n noodgeval kan u na u naaste hospitaal gaan. Wees voorbereid om te wag omdat hulle gewoontlik besig is. U kan ook die noodnommer skakel in geval van nood. (999 )   In 'n gaval van nood mag u besoekende familie behandeling op u Nasionale Assuransie nommer behandeling ontvang.        




Once you moved into your new house enroll your kids at their new school. The schools are generally good with helping the new kids settle in. I have found that they are also easy to talk to if you have any concerns.


Dit is belangrik dat u kinders so gou moontlik hulle skoolwerk hervat. Skryf hulle by 'n skool in sodra u 'n vaste adres het. Die skole sien werklik om na die kinders en is ook baie behulpsaam indien u vrae het.




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