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We do everything possible to keep our fees as low as possible. We believe that our fees are both fair and compedive.


The figure we supply in our original quote is also the final figure. We have no hidden costs.

Free advice.

It is unfair to our regular clients to give free advice to new customers. Please don't ask for free advise. It will save embarresment.

First Consultation.

Consultation normally take about an hour. This can be done at our office or at your place of work or home. Our fee for this is £50.00 + 17.5% vat per hour or part thereof. Traveling time to your place of work / home will be added to consultation charge. This charge is not refundable, but will be deducted from our fee if we do the visa application and the application is successfull.


Active forum members get a 20% discount. This is available to the member only, family do not qualify unless they too are active members of the forum.

By active me mean the person must be a member of the forum for a term af at least 6 months with aminimum post count of 1 000 posts.

Home Office Fees

Home Office fees are separate from our fees and is not refundable.



Join the BIGGEST and Busiest Expat forum on the internet. If you want to learn how to speak Afrikaans, this is the place to be.

Radio Sarie. The FIRST Afrikaans Internet radio station who made use of DJ's. Our programs are mailny in Afrikaans, but we do cater for our English speaking friends as well.

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